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Updated on Mar 2023

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You can always use mainstream sites to meet black people but not all of them fit. It’s always the best idea to look for those platforms or apps that can meet your preferences and goals. For instance, the best black dating sites for dating will offer you such tools that can help in differentiating between people you might like and who you would never date. 

  • What is your goal (marriage, dating, etc.).
  • Where your partner is living (local or not).
  • What ethnicity you prefer (interracial dating or not).
  • Main personality traits you value.
  • What behavior you will never tolerate.

After answering these questions, you will be able to pick the dating site. Not all of the websites allow you to meet your future spouse, some of them are dedicated to casual dating. If you want to establish a serious romantic relationship, then you don’t want to start dating on a mainstream website that caters to the interests of those singles who want to have fun without the responsibility. And vice versa. 

Popular Dating Sites

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Below you will find reviews of different dating sites for black men and women. Some of them are dedicated to serious relationships, others are used for fun. Depending on your needs, you can choose the one (or two) that matches your goals and desires.

Best Sites For Black Singles

It would not be wise to browse only through the sites that were created only for black singles. Some of the black singles are interested in dating white people, or Asian singles, etc. This means that they might use some platforms and apps that have a wider audience of members and can offer them partners belonging to other races. Below you can read about such websites. Some of them were created only for black people, others for interracial dating, etc. It is important that these sites were chosen with subjective and personal approaches, and thus would require your discretion and vigilance. Thus, there is a possibility that you may not like the following site, yet there are great things that they offer.


You have probably heard about this website that caters to the interests of singles of different ethnicities. It is used by representatives of different races as well as by black singles who want to date people of their race. The audience is mainly from the US, and if to be completely honest, most of the audience is black. But sometimes, you can meet white people who feel attracted to black singles and want to create happy couples with them.

Yes, you got that right, creating couples is the main goal of the owners of the website. It is not used to find partners for casual dating or one night stands. If you want to meet someone who will share your beliefs and ideas, then this website will suit you more. The audience is mature, around 30-45 years, and these singles are ready to settle down.


It is not a dating platform only for black people, it is designed to match the preferences of a huger audience. It is one of the leading websites that cater to the interests of people who want to settle down. There are over 35 million people currently who use this site and the number is still growing. The site us reputable and you don’t have to worry about scammers or trolls – the administration is blocking such troublemakers.

The website wasn’t created only for black people, but Zoosk is good since it allows you to choose the ethnicity of a potential partner. Zoosk is a good opportunity to meet someone who will share your ideas and beliefs since it has all the tools that analyze people’s personalities and needs. That way, the system can suggest the most appropriate partners considering your needs and desires.


As you might understand from the name of the platform, it was designed to connect people of different races. In fact, the site encourages singles of different races to date each other. It has all the tools that connect people with similar interests and similar beliefs. The signing up process is free, so you can join any time you want and try some different free features like the search.

InterracialMatch has the support team that will answer your questions 24 hours per seven days. You might need to wait a bit to receive the reply, but you will receive it even if you are asking for help during Saturdays or Sundays. The site has different icebreaker tools that help you to start conversations and gain someone’s attention sooner than usual.


This site is almost twenty years old, the team has a lot of experience in connecting people of different ages and similar views and ideas. The company that owns this platform is called Cupid Media. It owns a lot of different websites that help to connect people with different needs and goals. Depending on the single’s idea of a perfect relationship, the website will advise contacting several people.

It has an audience from the US, France, the UK, Germany, Kenya, South Africa, etc. If you use the platform correctly, you can meet people near you and who will meet your requirements. You have to create a decent profile so that you will be able to attract the attention of the right singles. 


This platform is designed specifically for black people to meet and to start dating. It is one of the decent dating sites for black men and women, although it doesn’t have the biggest userbase. Some people report that it is extremely successful when it comes to connecting the right partners. It has different tests and games that allow you to verify that you are dating the right person. It also has various icebreakers, for example, likes and favorites. That way, contacting people becomes easier.

Thousands of users are using this site each day. You won’t feel lonely since it has an active community that can support you if it’s needed. It has a good security system and it won’t allow you to suffer from phishing or hacker attacks.


It is nearly a 20-year-old website that was created for black people who believe in God and want to start dating someone who shares these beliefs. If you are looking for a premier platform for dating online, then this might be a really good website you can find. It caters to the interests of religious people and has all the tools to ensure the unforgettable experience for every user.

The platform belongs to a huge network that is called People Media. It has different interesting events organized for people who care about religion and want to start dating. The site also offers different tools so that you can quickly find your match.


This website is known in the US, although the platform operates in different European countries as well. If you want to meet successful, single and fun black people, you can use Black Cupid. It is a great way to meet a soulmate in a similar way of thinking. It has a great reputation and allows you to browse safely for your options.

The site is not used for free, but the registration is off any charges. You can also browse through profiles for free, but only after you create an account and verify that you are real by clicking on the link from the email.

Safe Tips for Online Dating

While dating online, it doesn’t matter whether you are using a paid website or it is a free version, you have to take care of your safety. Read some bits of advice and be safe:

  • Don’t send financial data.
  • Don’t send money.
  • Don’t give away your exact location.
  • Make sure that you report people who are asking for money or personal data.

Even the best platform with the strongest security can have some number of scammers. This number might be low, but you can encounter such trouble makers. Make sure that you never send them money or personal data.


Depending on your preferences, you can find the right person. There are a lot of different websites, some of them are exclusively for black people, others cater to the interests of those who would love to establish interracial and international couples. You can choose the platform you like and that fits your goals and desires.