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Updated on Mar 2023

Some people, especially those in romantic relationships, tend to be less tolerant than you would want them to be. They love to ask single people why are they still single. But what if you don’t want to be in a relationship. Let’s face it, relationships are not easy to maintain. You have to put some effort, spend time with your date, look for a compromise, etc.

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But at some point in life, you might feel that such relationships are not suitable for you. You might change your mind later, or you might decide that you don’t want to settle down – it’s only up to you to decide. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be alone. Whether you are a mature person and want to experience something new, or you are young and willing to have fun, you can use dating apps to hook up.

In this review, you will read about different apps that allow you to meet local like-minded individuals who want to have fun. Some of the apps and sites that you find on the list are only popular in the USA, others are well-known within other countries.

Best Dating Sites for Adults

You are advised to be careful with any site, be it the one described below or the one you will discover. Here are the list of the sites that can be regarded as good and really interesting, but still chosen with a biased and personal approach. Thus, there may be a case that you will not like some of them.

You might be surprised, but it’s easy to find apps and websites dedicated only to adult dating. The good thing about such services is that you won’t feel bad for not meeting someone’s expectations. First of all, both of you agree to hook up. Second, you are not dating which means you won’t have to meet each other’s expectations.

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You might know this feeling after being in a serious relationship – one in the couple might not be satisfied with the personality of another and he or she tries to change this person. Well, you won’t experience such a feeling while using mentioned below websites and apps. These platforms are suitable for everyone who is eighteen years old and older. These platforms are also used by seniors, so everyone can find who a perfect match.


The name of the website hints that it’s only for adults. You do know x-rated films? Well, this is an X-rated dating website. It is commonly known for adult dating, but not just casual sex. You can use the platform to make your sexual fantasies come true. It’s not a new app which is an advantage – the owners of the site know their audience and offer them a lot they can get out of an adult dating platform.


If till today you were using only traditional dating services, you might not know about this platform. But within users who are looking for hookups, this site is famous. First of all, it was launched long ago which makes the site trustworthy and worthy of your attention. And second, this service is not wasting your time. If you want to find a hookup, you will find it very quickly.

It has a huge database of users, an estimated 55 million members are having fun with Ashley Madison. But this site has one peculiar feature – it can be used by married couples. If someone wants to have an affair and make it a secret, Ashley Madison will help.


The competition in the dating online industry is fierce, new websites and apps are launched not even every year, but every month. But still, some pretty old competitors are so popular that not even Tinder can compete with them. is one of such platforms. It had been launched over 20 years ago, and the database of users is huge.

If you want to read the description of a common user, then he or she is typically single, in his twenties to thirties, and looking for casual relationships without any strings attached. The website has interesting features that aid in finding the right person (or people, or even a couple). Most of the interactions are in the form of a game, which makes the platform even more entertaining for members.


The name of the site is so obvious, that no one even tries to meet someone to create a serious romantic relationship. The platform allows you to find local singles who are not against casual sex. This site is popular and can be used even if you are on vacation or  a working trip. You can make a profile where you indicate what types of relationships you prefer and what fantasies you would love to accomplish.


If you are a passionate person or if you feel like in the mood of experiencing something new, and different from what you had since today, then is the site to choose. It caters to the interests of everyone in a search of casual relationships. You can meet single people, or couples -everyone is welcome here.


This site is not suitable for everyone who is interested in dating. This platform’s name indicates the intention of creation – it is used to find partners for a night. Members can spend some time online so that they can make sure that they fit each other’s needs, and then they can meet in person.


This dating service is used to find casual dating partners. Not necessarily to meet each time someone new, the site is designed that way so that people can meet individuals that fit their needs. If you found someone suitable, you can occasionally meet in person. The site has interesting features, for instance, passion reports or even dating forecasts. You won’t get bored here!


On such websites, you won’t find people interested in serious bonds, which is good. Everyone knows why they are here, the only task is to find local matches. With all those features it’s easy to find someone with whom you feel comfortable and relaxed.q