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Updated on Mar 2023

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If you have never heard about cougars and cubs, here is an explanation. Cougar online dating is when a younger man trying to find a woman (cougar) who is older than him. the age difference can vary, it only depends on two people and their comfort. It is commonly believed that the age difference is around eight years and a cougar is thirty-five years or older. But these numbers are not precise, everything depends on an individual situation.

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Some people say that younger guys are only looking for older rich cougars so they can forget about finding a job. But the real situation is different. Younger guys can feel attracted to more experienced cougars. Most guys that have dated cougars think that such women are hot and it’s interesting to spend time with them. It’s completely OK when younger guys seek the attention of older ladies.

Women who are called cougars are seeking younger men because they think it’s a great experience. Younger guys give them the feeling of freedom, it’s fun to spend time with them. Such relationships can bring spice into their lives, that’s why cougars are seeking their attention.

cougar dating sites

The easiest way to meet someone local is to use cougar dating sites. Let’s face it, not all of us are willing to move to another city or country, or to travel back and forth all the time simply to see each other. But online services help us in finding who or what we need. If you register on a cougar women dating platform, then you can be sure that women here are around 35 years old, and men are older than 21.

Then you can choose different filters to find a person who suits your needs and desires. Such websites are real and legit, and they are used by thousands of young men and cougars. Below you will find a list of such sites, but before you see it, you might want to read about some cougar dating rules.

Cougar Dating: Tips and Rules

If you can’t think about anything else but dating a cougar, you need to know several rules that will help you to be successful. It might be not so easy to attract her attention, so there are some basic tips to aid you.


If you are dating for real, not for casual sex, then your friends and relatives will understand at some point that she is older. But don’t try to comfort her or to explain everyone her age, she won’t appreciate that. Be casual, she knows that she is older, and it doesn’t matter to her. Just show her that you think that she is sexy, smart, funny, and everything will be great.

Money Is Important

You don’t have to be rich, you just need to be mature when it comes to spending money. Most women, not necessarily cougars, are investing in their careers. They value money because they grant independence. But they know how to spend them wisely. If you purchase something unimportant and very expensive, she is going to be bothered with your spending habits. She might even think that you are immature. But being a scrooge is also not the best trait.


It’s important for both of you to listen to each other and to communicate. She is older than you and might be more experienced. She knows what she wants and she cares about your needs and feelings as well. It’s essential to listen carefully to what she wants and be sure that she will give you what you want. The key to success – communication.

Classic Dates

Clubs and parties are not something that she values. Any woman has specific tastes, and she might prefer active or passive types of spending times. But if you are organizing a romantic date, it’s better to choose classic places, like restaurants, your home, romantic picnics in some beautiful and secluded places, etc.

Be Confident

If you feel embarrassed about your or her age, it’s better to date someone else, for example, your peers. She will find out that you are embarrassed and it will disappoint her. If she is dating you, then she is OK with her and your age. If she doesn’t care, then you shouldn’t either. Just be yourself, that’s what she likes about you.

Online Platforms: Cougar Dating Review

Now you are aware about the basic pieces of advice and you can proceed with dating online with cougars. You can use mainstream sites like OkCupid or even Tinder, but the dating pool is greater while using specific sites. Below you will find our short top. These sites were chosen with a personal point of view, and thus, it is important to know that they were not chosen by some kind of objective means.

Another niche dating sites for younger guys and slightly older women. It has all the features that a decent website has, but the matchmaking algorithm is focused on connecting men and women with a slight age gap. It’s a paid service but singles appreciate it since it has an active community.

Created and launched specifically for cougars and cubs to meet each other. It might not have the most active database, but it is better than mainstream platforms. You need to pick who you are (cougar/cub) and who are you looking for (cub/cougar). It has features that make the search easier and options that help to start conversations.

On the main page, you will find information that it is 100% free to use, which is great. But the fact that it offers you to complete a blog is even better. You can find a forum to talk with like-minded people, enter chat rooms and seek partners. The website caters to interests of cubs and cougars, it allows them to use different icebreakers to start conversations without any confusion. The platform has a relatively big community.