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Updated on Mar 2023

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People think that a decent online site or app is a utopian idea. Partially, they are correct. It’s very difficult to find a good platform within all those free online dating sites – they are crowded with scammers. Why is that happening? Because most free dating services don’t have decent protection systems.

Popular Dating Sites

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Can you imagine how difficult for a free service to detect and delete accounts of fake users that are only willing to steal other people’s money? Moreover, even some newly created websites can’t be trusted since they might be scams. But even though there is a lot of sites that aren’t worthy of anyone’s attention, it is possible to find a completely free site for dating online.

You can use them without a credit card to find local singles or people living in other countries, etc. If Facebook is free to use and we sometimes find good friends there, why can’t free sites to be useful as well? In this article, you won’t find just a list of websites to use for free, you will also find some criteria that will help you to check whether the platform is decent.

Just before you go through the following sites, it is important to bear in mind that they were selected with a subjective approach, that is, there were no data analyses, statistics, or other things like that. They can be regarded as good and decent as they have a lot to offer to its clients for free.

How to Choose a Free Dating Site

As it was mentioned above, scammers within the website are not the only problem. Another problem you might face is that the site is a scam. Be careful with free websites that ask you to share your financial data, for instance, your credit card expiration date, or CVV code, insurance number, etc.

Be careful with sites that don’t have a safe connection. How can you find out that the connection is not secure? Look at the address bar, near the URL you will find a lock. If the lock is open, then the connection is not safe. If it’s locked, you can be sure that all the data you insert while using the site is secured and won’t be transferred to third parties.

Free Dating Sites

It’s not important if the connection isn’t protected while you use the site to read something, but if you log into the account using your Facebook profile, then your password is not safe. You still can use the site, but don’t insert important data that you don’t want to be stolen.

Several features show the reliability of a free dating site, and these are:

  • Created at least 1-2 years ago.
  • A big database of active users.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Decent matchmaking system.

These parameters show that the platform is good for dating online. You need to be aware of the fact that most likely you will have to watch adverts on the site or app. The creators of free dating sites need to gain money from their projects, that’s why they might put advertisement banners on the pages of their websites. That way they can earn money for allowing companies to advertise their products. But such an approach allows you to forget about paying for dating online.

Now you are aware of the basic criteria of decent websites. But if you don’t want to check all the websites and apps that you find, just use our list of the best totally free online dating sites.

Best Dating Sites and Apps for Free

It wouldn’t be smart to single out only dating sites since there are decent apps as well. Some websites have apps for people to use on their mobile devices, but there are also only apps, without official websites. In this short review, you will find different options that are totally free. Most apps fit for Android devices and iPhone.


Originally it was created as a website, but then it became so popular that the owners decided to create an app as well. It is available for both of the most popular operating systems so you can download it whether you have Android or iOS device. The website is 100% free to use, so you can use it without credit card as all the useful features are available any time for everyone.

The website (and official apps) is worthy of your attention. It is clear that the owners had the goal of creating a site for everyone and they have accomplished this goal. The website caters to interests of any sexual orientation or gender. Singles can identify themselves as they prefer, they don’t have to choose only between a man or a woman.

The site has a good quiz, the information taken from the quiz is used to match singles who fit each other. OkCupid is very popular in the States, that’s why we can say that it’s one of the best free dating sites in USA. But even though it is used mostly in the US, you can also find users from other areas, for example, Russian, Asian users, or users from the UK, Canada, Australia, etc.


It doesn’t have a desktop version, but you can visit their official international website, or rather a landing page. You can insert a telephone number and you will receive a link to download the app. Hinge is 100% free and it is a decent website that is used to find different types of relationships. If you are no looking for a significant other, you can find friendship. But mainly it is used to find hookups or long-term relationships.

Like any dating website, this app asks each new user to complete a quiz. You have to answer questions about your purpose of registering an account (love, friendship, hookups, etc), your age, sex, preferences, location, etc. Depending on given answers the system will match you with another single who has a compatible personality.

The app has interesting and useful features. For example, you can read safety tips to ensure that you don’t fall into someone’s scam while using the website. You can also read some dating pieces of advice, like where to go, or which events to visit together, etc. The matchmaking system is pretty decent and it can connect people who match each other’s needs and preferences.

Plenty Of Fish

This website can be used for free, but it has some paid features. It’s only up to you whether to buy those features or to use the site for free. The advantages you receive by purchasing the membership are a chance to upload 16 photos, to see whether someone has read your letter, send three gifts a day, appear first in Meet Me, etc. You can use the site without these features, your experience won’t be worse.

The matching algorithm is one of the most important features of any app or dating site. If the system isn’t able to provide a user with a match who is compatible, then the service isn’t worth anyone’s attention. Plenty of Fish is different, it has a decent algorithm that connects people with similar interests who can form couples.


You have to be careful while using free dating sites. The most important tips are to keep valuable information in secret (credit card expiration date, insurance info, etc), and not to send money to those users who tell sad stories about relatives needing surgeries – these stories are commonly used by scammers. But it’s possible to meet the love of your life while using free online websites, you just need to be patient.