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Updated on Mar 2023

Some people say that only “real” dating is worthy of our attention. But during the past twenty years dating culture had been changing. People don’t seek serious romantic relationships if they are not ready. It’s a good change since people start dating “for real” only when they are mature enough and ready to take responsibility.

Rather than getting married at a young age, people choose hookup dating. Older generation frowns upon such relationships, but in reality, it’s better when two people know that this relationship won’t end as a marriage. It’s worse when someone thinks that everything is serious but the other in the couple consider it as a hookup.

Popular Hookup Sites

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If you want to make it clear that you are not interested in anything serious, you can use online hookup sites. These hookup dating sites look exactly like mainstream dating sites – they have similar features, but at the same time, they are entirely different. Everyone on such platforms knows that they are here to find partners for hookups, meaning that they seek casual sex.

Benefits of Using Hookup Sites

Most of us don’t like to bring home strangers, right? It’s too dangerous since you don’t know who that person is, what is his background and intentions. Even if that individual is only willing to spend time with you, what if he or she is looking for serious relationships while you are only interested in hookups? If you use hookup sites, you don’t put yourself at risk, and you are not hurting someone’s feelings.

Let’s see what are the benefits of using adult hookup sites:

  • Only for mature members.
  • Easy to find the right person.
  • No strings attached.
  • A great pool of candidates.
  • Easy to meet locals.
  • Lower risks.
  • No one’s feelings get hurt.
hookup dating sites

As it was mentioned above, such hookup dating websites have all those features of mainstream dating sites and apps, but with one huge difference – everyone knows why they are using this website – for hookups. Instead of a long questionnaire where you have to answer questions about your personality, interests, etc., you answer the questions about your sexual ideas and desires.

The matchmaking system is analyzing your answers, considers your preferences, and then it compares your profile and answers with the profiles of other members of the hookup dating platform. That way the system detects the most compatible options. The good way to use such hookup dating apps or sites is to find the most popular one in your area and to look for local people who are interested in the no-strings-attached type of relationships.

One of the best advantages of hookup dating sites is that you don’t bring home a complete stranger. You can take time and get to know each other. It doesn’t mean that you have to communicate for months via online hookup dating platform since you might not have the chemistry and that would be time spent for nothing. You can meet in person, see if you fit each other’s expectations, and then you can become partners for casual hookups.

You can use mainstream websites to find hookups since they have greater databases. But mainstream dating sites attract people with serious intentions, so you will have to filter those users. This is why it’s a lot quicker to find singles for a casual experience. Now you know about the benefits of these platforms, let’s check out some hookup sites that work.

Dating Sites for Hookups

Hookup sites can even compete with mainstream platforms, they are very popular these days. But it’s difficult to find decent options since there are a lot of sites which don’t deserve your attention. This is why you can use the list below, it contains only platforms and apps where you can find what you need. There are many good and decent sites, and we have chosen some of them which are worth your attention. We do not claim that these sites are the only and best sites based on anything. They were chosen according to the personal initiative as well as their good features.


This platform is included in the list due to its huge and active community. It grants you a high chance that you will meet a local hot guy or a sexy woman who are not against casual relationships. A good chemistry test grants that you won’t waste time on people who might have different desires. If you are a passionate individual, just use this test to find the most compatible candidates to meet.


No one is looking for something serious on Tinder, even though the developers claim it can aid those who seek long-term relationships. No one is arguing, a casual hookup can transform into something more serious, but those are the rare cases. Tinder uses the approach where you need to swipe left or right – if someone is hot, you swipe right. Isn’t it a good way to find a hookup?


It stands for purely physical relationships. Questions “Where is this going”, “Who are we for each other”, etc., are heavily frowned upon here. This platform is used purely to meet partners for casual sex. PURE grants you the opportunity to find an individual with similar sexual tastes, to meet in real life, and then to act as if you are strangers. No strings attached at all.


It’s a paid app but it allows you to meet people with the same ideas and desires. The platform is popular within different countries, which means that no matter where you live, you can use it. The best thing about this app is that you can use it during your vacation or working trip.

99 Flavors

Who said hookup sites are only for singles? Some couples love to add spice in their relationships and this platform helps them in achieving needed results. You can meet with other couples who are OK with gaining unusual experience, or you can find single members that are looking for couples. Just create an account and find out what this app is offering.


Depending on your needs, ideas or your demands, you can find the most suitable sites to use. It doesn’t mean that you have to use only one website – you can pick several apps which offer you a chance to meet with locals.