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When you want to get married, you use other criteria to meet your future wife or husband. But where to meet your future spouse? One of the most popular answers these years is an online dating website. Marriage dating websites are designed specifically for people who intend to establish serious relationships. Below you will find a list of those dating sites that offer you serious relationships, not just an adventure or partners for casual dating.

Online Dating Sites For Marriage

Some websites like Tinder will almost never give you what you need if you are looking for a serious relationship. If you want to start a serious romantic relationship that can lead to marriage, there is a list of dating online sites that will be perfect for your goal. Below you can find some reviews.


If some platforms can be used to meet partners for casual dating and simultaneously for marriage dating, then this site is different. It was created by people who believe in love and who don’t care about the distance. Charmerly is perfect for international dating, although it might be used if you are looking for someone local.

How does it work? The website will ask for your location, you can indicate it or you can allow this site to detect it. Then the website will ask you to indicate the location of your potential match. Eventually, it will use your preferences and suggest a list of profiles that match your criteria.


It would be unfair not to mention this website since it has one of the hugest databases of users. Most singles have already heard about this platform for dating and they know that it is one of the most reliable websites in the dating online industry. If you want to find a match, then this website will help you to complete your task. 

It’s one of the oldest dating platforms that you can find and it is obvious, that it has experience. The owners of the websites are experts in understanding what tools need all those singles who want to create a happy family. They don’t need such games like “Swipe Right or Left” (although it is helpful sometimes), they need some personality tests that show the percentage of compatibility of two singles. And Match supports us with such tools.


The name of the website tells for itself. If you want to get into a whirl of love, you can try out this website. It reminds you of a mail order bride platform since most women are from Asian countries, while men are from the US or from Europe. This dating site is an international platform that allows you to text each other, send gifts (real and digital), like and save profiles as favorites.

The developers of the website paid a lot of attention to personality tests since the website is targeted at an older audience that is ready for serious relationships. Don’t get it wrong, older means a mature audience that knows what they want from life and where they want to find it. That’s why the website is so successful and responsible for numerous marriages and serious romantic relationships.


Never listen to those people who use such words as “impossible”, “never”, or “it’s too late”. It can’t be too late for you to meet a soulmate. Do you know that it’s real that some people manage to find real love only when they are above 40, or even 50? It is happening and you can find proof of that. Some people have unsuccessful marriages, others had never been married before, but they still need someone to feel loved and comfortable.

OurTime doesn’t care about your age nor about too conservative people say. If you want to meet a life-long partner, you can use this website. It caters to the interests of people who are interested in meaningful relationships. It has all the required tools and OurTime is one of the best and most reliable marriage dating sites. 


Religion plays a really important role in people’s lives. In fact, some singles would like to date people who share their beliefs. And ChristianMingle is one of the best dating sites for marriage that can offer you a chance to start a meaningful relationship with someone who can make you happy and feel loved as well as share your values and beliefs.

The site caters to the interests of all people who believe in God. It does not differentiate between straight, gay or lesbian singles, it offers you a place where you can feel safe. The community is very friendly and the website is protected. You don’t have to worry that you will be frowned upon, you can relax and even get some help or piece of advice. The platform is very good if you want to meet your lifetime partner. 


Another international platform that will allow you to meet people from different parts of the world. You won’t be able to use it for free (as well as all those mentioned above sites) but it is worth every penny you pay to use this platform. It caters to the interests of ladies and gentlemen who want to find love and who don’t care if their soulmates live overseas.

The site offers a wide range of tools and options, including the search, matchmaking system, different icebreakers and the possibility of sending real presents or at least flowers. It offers you a safe virtual space where you can relax and feel comfortable and wanted. The site uses a so-called credit system when you can buy credits, not a full subscription. If you want to contact a man or a woman who attracts your attention, you can purchase these credits. If not, you can exchange contacts with the person you have already found on this site.