Lesbian Dating Sites

Updated on Mar 2023

Nowadays the LGBT community develops and prospers, and as a result, more and more dating sites and apps appear. However, there are a lot of lesbian dating apps that lesbians find disappointing. Somewhere there are too many fake accounts, and surfing there is totally worthless. Other online dating services are designed not only for lesbians dating online but for people of all sexual identities. It makes the search for your march more complicated. The more choices you’ve got, the harder it becomes to find your match. That is why we made an overview of lesbian dating services that won’t be a waste of time for you. 

We took into account key criteria that make a dating site the one that will fulfill your needs. It is:

Popular Hookup Sites

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  • popularity among the LGBT community;
  • adequate pricing;
  • good usability level;
  • a significant number of real lesbian profiles.
  • up-to-date design;
  • easy search & matching system;

Check out picks below and start your lesbian romance at once! These sites were not chosen according to some statistics or other objective data. Simply put, these are the sites that can be regarded as good and worth your attention.

HER.com – The Good Free Lesbian Dating Site

Her is a social network that perfectly plays the role of dating apps for non-straight women. To get started on HER you need to give only a piece of brief information about yourself. Long questionnaires that ask about your education, religious views or long story about who you are and whom you are looking for are not their style. They also don’t welcome swipe system that is so popular nowadays. 

Instead of seeing one profile at a time and swiping, you’ll be shown a scope of nearby women and can pick among them. Swiping eats much of time, and even after hours of swiping you may not find the profile that appeals to you the most. 

What Is HER.com

HER is a dating service with a good reputation. As you know, a reputation is a thing that is proven by years of devoted work. Even a small mistake can ruin it. Users and dating reviewers claim that HER is nearly the one dating app that is designed not just for hooking up. HER is a nice place for the romantic relationships between women. Being a place where adequate people gather, if you won’t succeed in fixing your private life, you can make a couple of good friends there. In your HER profile, you can indicate your movie, music and other pop-culture references that will attract the attention of like-minded females. Here you can talk to people about what sparks your interest and get understanding.

No payment required to download Her. It is a transparent service, created by a queer woman for single queer ladies. Nobody but a true lesbian knows what features a good dating app must include. So, if you doubt which dating app to try, look for a piece of information about its creators. If they are of the same sexual identity as you are, chances are high that this app is the right pick.

BeNeughty – Nothing More Than a Hookup

Starting a serious relationship is not that everybody wants. Especially after a big heartbreak, you need something that won’t take responsibility from you. People need intimacy and it is possible to reach it even without a commitment to a relationship. All you need is to find a like-minded person that shares your goals. A goal of nothing but a hookup. The website that connects women who are honest about the fact they look only for a one-night stand is BeNaughty.com. It surely deserves your attention among lesbian dating sites in USA.

What Is BeNeughty

To find a match on this website you need to set up your profile first. Nothing will work if you don’t download a true photo of yours. Your photos must not contain nudity, pornography and be of such low quality that your face would be barely recognized. If everything is okay, your photo will pass community standards and you will be able to use website services. Due to the strict validation process there less fakes than on other dating portals. 

You must be prepared that a way of communication at Benaughty differs from standard dating apps. Here appearance matters more. Users here are not interested in your personality. It will be enough if you indicate a piece of information about your body parameters and download some sexy photos to complete your profile. Girls on BeNaughty are very active, so after you are finished with your account, you can simply sit and wait till they text you first. Most conversations do not start with a “hello”. They go straight to the matter of their presence on the website, ask you to send some photos and videos of yours and arrange meetings. 

OkCupid – Women Seeking Women Soulmates

This dating platform is designed for both men and women. However, it can perfectly match lesbians who are eager to meet single females with the same passions and worldview. The main thing about which cares OKCupid is to make people give the right information to attract their soulmate. During the registration, it asks you a set of fun questions that are far from being standard but they do reflect your personality. The more doesn’t meet the better. OkCupid encourages you to give that facts and effect on the attraction of strangers that can turn to your spouse in the future. This website has a very appealing, non-trivial modern design, so you’ll enjoy spending time there. 

What Is OkCupid

OkCupid cares about your dating success. Many people find their match online, but when they come to the real date they experience nothing but disappointment. The conversation is boring, jokes are awkward and all you want to do is just to give up online dating once and for all. OkCupid tries to match people in a similar to Tinder way that they are likely to have fun with each other in real life. 

How to Choose a Lesbian Dating Site

Being afraid to pick a website by mistake is what many singles are afraid of. There certain signs that point that this or that website/app is suitable for LGBTQ dating. All dating portals put photos oh happy couples on their homepage. Nothing hooks more than images of romantic happiness that you attempt to reach. if the website contains pictures of LGBT couples it is a sign that this platform is eligible for women seeking women. Another thing to which you can pay attention is a website blog. If there are articles that cover topics of LGBTQ and lesbian dating, in particular, signing up there can be a good idea.