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It’s important that when you believe in God and religion plays a significant part in your life, you have to start dating someone who shares this belief. That’s when you can use the LDS dating approach. Have you ever heard about such a thing as LDS online dating? It stands for Latter-Day Saints and it caters to the interests of people of all generations that want to meet love online. 

People with the love of God in their hearts can use such platforms if they are tired of being misunderstood or of dating people who don’t appreciate them. It is important to meet other singles who are thinking about marriage or serious relationships. Men and women from different countries can expect that their interests will be met and that they will gain all the necessary support.

LDS Online Dating Sites

It’s essential to commit to people who have similar views on life. Otherwise, these relationships won’t be successful. Below you can find short reviews of Mormon dating sites and decide which one fits your needs and expectations. You might want to check different sites before you start using only one. The list contains the list of the popular dating sites in 2020. Please, keep in mind that while choosing these sites, there was a subjective approach and also it was approached individually. Thus, your discretion and carefulness are advised.


A platform that makes you feel comfortable, loved and supported. tired of explaining for the 100 times that religion is important to you? Then don’t explain it, people will eventually understand that sooner or later. But before they do, just start using LDSSingles and you will meet love or friendship, depending on what you need the most at this point in your life. If you are still thinking and deciding, you should know that this site is created by Mormons.


This platform belongs to a famous dating network that is called People Media. It has different projects that care about the interests of different groups of people. For instance, LDSPlanet will help you to meet someone who shares your thoughts on religious topics. You can have fun, flirt, and get the necessary support when needed. You can find new friends and meet them in person, as well as you can find your true love. And what is even better – it’s for free, you don’t have to pay.


The owners of this website affirm that you will never have to attend dancing classes for singles, blind or speed dates, your relatives can mind their own business from now on since they will never offer you someone to date after you will start using LDSPlanet. From now on, you will forget about all the negative experiences you had before and you will start meeting people who understand you.


Some people believe that if you want to start a successful romantic relationship, you should start by establishing friendly bonds. And LDSPals website believes in this theory. It is true that when you start with friendship, you already have something in common with this person. You get to know each other and romantic feelings won’t mess things up for both of you while you will start finding out more about your strong and weak traits. And LDSPals will help you to establish such a friendship.


The site was established by some Brigham Young University graduates who believe that people who believe in God need competent platforms for dating. The owners of the website know exactly what you need because they have faith in God. You can create a profile for free, as well as check out different profiles, but you won’t be able to use it for free. The prices are reasonable compared to mainstream platforms. But instead, TrueLDC offers you a decent platform where you can date at your own pleasure.

Elite Singles LDS

Most people who are using dating online websites know this website. It offers premium quality services to people with different needs. And LDS singles are no exception in this case. Elite Singles LDS offers a place where numerous people with God in the heart can start looking for lifetime partners. Even though the site is owned by a mainstream company,  Elite Singles LDS is a good choice. It might not be created by religious people, but it is used by religious people. The database of users is truly huge.


If you are tired of websites where you need to pay to send out messages, then you can use LDSFriendsDate. This platform offers a fun and supported environment for all the people who want to start meaningful relationships and care about religion. It’s not strict, it’s relaxing and fun. You will feel comfortable and wanted, and the active community will offer you pieces of advice when needed. You can join in and see yourself – the site is decent and legit.


Dating sites are different. Some of them won’t ever allow you to meet someone special, others might be scams, but LDS dating websites for singles will care about your feelings. You can use some of the mentioned above platforms and see yourself that this is a great idea for singles who want to start something serious.